Transcription Services

Translations Transcriptions Service  was established in 1980, in light of a growing market need for top quality, professional recording and transcribing services using today's advanced technologies.   
The Translations Transcriptions Service team consists of first-class recording technicians, typists and translators, administrative personnel and managers, all chosen for their skills, experience and strong service ethic.   
Translations Transcriptions Service uses state of he art equipment including the latest digital recording systems with the ability to synchronize between the original recording and the typed transcript.  
At Translations Transcriptions Service we are proud of our services and of our tradition of professionalism, reliability, courtesy and uncompromising quality. We devote personal attention to each and every customer, taking note of special sensitivities and needs, to make sure that we meet the customer's expectations and beyond.  
Unlike other companies in the market, Translations Transcriptions Services specializes in recording, transcribing and translation service without branching out into other professional areas. This focus enables us to maintain the quality of our service and to develop technologically, for the benefit of our customers.  
While striving to maintain our high standards, we nevertheless make every effort to keep our prices attractive and affordable, ensuring value for money.  
We would be pleased to serve you, and invite you to join the ranks of our satisfied customers. נבנה בשירות פריסייט בניית אתרים בחינם
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